How the Parlay System works

The Parlay System is a brave gambler’s strategy, one where you you stake both your winnings and stake from the previous bet on the next one. If you get a run of a few consecutive winning bets you’ll come off very rich. It also requires a lot of discipline, to know when to stop and walk away with a big wad of cash in your hand.

How It Works
Presumably you’ll have a realistic target in mind of how much you want to win, something that is too much for the Martingale System to win on your original stake, but a number that you know you’ll walk away from the table if you reach. On your first bet, if you stake £100 with odds of 2/1, and it comes in, you receive your £200 winnings plus your £100 stake bet. Using the Parlay System you stake all of your £300 on your next bet. So with odds of 2/1 if that comes in again, you’ll have won £600 on that bet and have £900 in total from 2 bets, starting at £100. But you can see the risk, because if you stick to the system and stake all £900 on your next bet, and lose, you’re down £100 on the night and £900 short of what you once had. Then you go back to the beginning and bet £100 again and work your way up from there.

This system can be used successfully in the casino, football, tennis or any sports, betting on both short and long odds. In sports, the Parlay system is more-commonly used when betting on shorter odds as punters are not always brave enough to bet all of their wallet on an outsider.

With this system, you don’t need a big investment to begin with, but bottle and discipline are certainly required! It is easy to get carried away after 3 or 4 successive wins, but we strongly recommend you set a realistic target to aim for and stick to it when you get there. After that you can start the system over again at your original stake and protect your profit.

The Parlay System is good to use when betting on dead certs in football and tennis.

Example 1:
£100 stake on Manchester United to win at ¼ – Manchester United win – £25 profit – £125 total
£125 stake on Liverpool to win at 1/5 – Liverpool win – £25 profit – £150 total
£150 stake on Arsenal to win at 1/3 – Arsenal win – £50 profit – £200 total
£200 stake on Chelsea to win at 1/2 – Chelsea win – £100 profit – £300 total

Example 2:
£100 stake on Andy Murray to win at 1/10 – Andy Murray wins – £10 profit – £110 total
£110 stake on Roger Federer to win at 1/12 – Roger Federer loses – down £100
£100 stake on Elena Dementieva to win at 1/5 – Elena Dementieva wins – £20 profit – £120 total
£120 stake on Andy Roddick to win at 1/6 – Andy Roddick wins – £20 profit – £140 total
£140 stake on Vera Zvonareva to win at 1/2 – Vera Zvonareva wins – £70 profit – £210 total (clears original loss)