Make Money Using the Martingale System

The Martingale System has been around for ever it seems. It’s the most simple of systems but not always perfected successfully. And it’s generally thought of and talked about when you have gambling debts you want to erase. It remains one of the most popular and most discussed betting systems.

How the Martingale System works

The theory is to place enough on your first bet to win your target amount. So if you’re aiming to win £100, and you have odds of evens, you’ll place a £100 stake. If your bet wins, you can quit and go home happy after. If your bet loses, the Martingale approach is to to put £200 on your next evens bet, so that if that bet comes in you’d have covered your first loss and come away with the £100 profit you were looking for. If that second bet was to lose also, you’d place a £400 stake on the next evens bet, £300 winnings to clear your debt, leaving you with £100 profit. But you’d have staked £700 to get there, so you can see why this is a risky system. But it’s also a system that you only need 1 winner to make a profit, assuming you have the investment to keep going after a few losses.

The system is more commonly used in casinos where you can get odds of evens or above at the blackjack table or on the outsides of the roulette table. In football and tennis it can still be used, but it’s very risky if you’re backing at odds of less than evens. As in the explanation above, you’d have risked £700 to win £100, and that was when the odds were always evens. If you’re betting at odds of 1/2’s, you can double the stake for the same reward.

Essentially, with the Martingale System you’ll need good financial investment for it to become a success. If you’re going to use it, I wouldn’t recommend betting at odds of below evens, however tempting the bet may be.

The Martingale System is good in casinos, where on the blackjack table you can double your bet each time you lose with odds of evens, and on the roulette table where by choosing red of black you’ll get odds of evens and with a 50/50 chance of winning.

Example 1: Roulette
£100 on black – black comes in – you win £100

Example 2: Blackjack
£10 on first hand – you fold – you’re £10 down
£20 on second hand – dealer wins – you’re £30 down
£40 on third hand – dealer busts – you’re up £10 after three hands from only one winning hand