How the D’Alembert System works

The Premiership Tips team aren’t fans of the D’Alembert System, but thought we should explain the system none-the-less having tried and tested it in the past. We think it’s a poor version of the Martingale System.

How It Works
The D’Alembert System relies on you betting on odds of even, and isn’t too dissimilar to the Martingale System. After a winning bet, you lower your next stake to ensure you are still up if you were to lose your bet, whilst if you lose your first bet, you increase your next stake in an attempt to bet up after two bets. So if you stake £100 on your first bet, and win, your next bet may be £75, and if you lost that opening bet your next stake may be £150, and so on…

This system is more commonly used in the casino where evens odds are easy to come by, at blackjack or the roulette table for example. It can also be applied to sports betting, but make sure you don’t go below odds of evens.

You’ll need a good investment to make a success of this system, because you will need to increase the stakes significantly if you lose your first 2 or 3 bets. But if you have the funds to do that, then whether you lose your first 2 or 3 or not, you will be in profit when you get 1 winner.

The D’Alembert System would be better suited for a trip to the casino, or online casinos, where you’ll be fronted with evens odds. Games that you are playing against the dealer and not other players.

Example 1: Blackjack
£20 on first hand – dealers busts – you’re up £20
£10 on second hand – dealer wins – you’re still up £10 overall

Example 2: Roulette
£100 on Red – Black comes in
£150 on Red – Red comes in – you’re up £50 after 2 spins
£100 on Red – Red comes in – you’re up £150 after 3 spins
£50 on Red – Black comes in – you’re still up £100 after 4 spins