Full Time Result
This is the most common football bet. You are betting on the result after 90 minutes. Basically you are predicting if either team will win or if the match will end in a draw.

Example: Manchester United v Derby County: Manchester United to win
You win the bet if Manchester United win.
You lose the bet if Manchester United draw.
You lose the bet if Derby County win.

Double Chance
You are betting on a choice of 2 results. If you are confident one team won’t lose but may not win then this is a good option.

Example: Everton v Blackburn Rovers: Everton to win or draw
You win the bet if Everton win.
You win the bet if Everton draw.
You lose the bet if Blackburn win.

Correct Score
This is predicting the full time score. Choices are “Home Win Scores”, “Draw Scores” and “Away Win Scores”. There are many possible outcomes so this is not a recommended bet. The odds can be quite high, but that’s because the chance of winning are low.

Example: Portsmouth v Cardiff: 1-0
You win if Portsmouth beat Cardiff 1-0 in 90 minutes.
You lose if it is any other score.

Half Time/Full Time
This is predicting the result after 45 minutes and 90 minutes. It is not betting on who will win each 45 minutes.

Example: Sunderland v Tottenham Hotspur: Sunderland-Tottenham
You win if Sunderland lead at half time and Tottenham win at full time.
You lose if any other outcome to each half happens.

You are betting on a particular player to score in that match. You can choose whether to bet on them scoring First/Last or at Anytime.

Example: West Ham United v Newcastle United: Michael Owen to score at anytime
You win if Michael Owen scores.
You lose if Michael Owen does not score.
Note: Own goals do not count.

Note: Some bookmakers will refund your stake if the player did not play (best to read their rules first)

Total Goals
This is betting on Over or Under the amount of goals the bookmaker states (usually 2.5). It is generally recommended to bet on Over rather than Under, because for these bets you will be looking for high scoring teams or poor defences, rather than finding 2 tight defences and betting on Under.

Example: Liverpool v Middlesbrough: Over 2.5 goals
You win if there are 3 or more goals scored.
You lose if 2 of less goals are scored.

Asian Handicap
The Asian Handicap system prevents any chance of losing a bet because of a draw. Asian handicaps start at a quarter of a goal.

Example: Chelsea v Arsenal: Chelsea 0 : +0.5
You are giving Arsenal a half goal lead. In order to win this bet Chelsea must win the game. If you select Arsenal to win with half a goal lead, Arsenal can win or draw the match and you will win the bet.

One of the hardest bets to pull off, but with great rewards. Here you are predicting the first or last goalscorer and the correct score. The chances of getting this correct are unlikely so it as advised to stay clear of this type of bet.

Example: Portsmouth v Cardiff City: Kanu to score first and Portsmouth win 1-0
You only win this bet if Kanu does score first and Portsmouth win 1-0.
You lose if any other outcome occurs.

You are guessing whether there will be Under, Exactly or Over the amount of corners the bookmaker has made as the line (usually 10 before kickoff). This is another type of bet to avoid as it’s very difficult to predict how many corners there will be.

Draw No Bet
This bet is similar to the Full Time Result bet, but there is no option for the draw. You can bet on either team to win and if it is a draw you get your stake back.

Example: Chelsea v Bolton Wanderers: Chelsea to win
You win the bet if Chelsea win.
You lose the bet if Bolton win.
*Your stake is returned if the result is a draw.

Combine many full time results into 1 bet! Can bring back great odds, but don’t get too greedy as that last one you add may let you down!